Mountains and Valleys

Location : Cafe Shillong  | Date : 17th April 2017 Mountains and valleys, oh what a joy.  Quaint hill side destinations always has me thinking deep… introspecting. The hills and mountains bring a smile on my face. Sight of them towering above me is crazily satisfying. A look of idolising in my eyes, like I […]

The End

Why does this phrase evoke mixed emotions? It’s a relief in difficult situation but unwarranted in happier ones. Why does this phrase not fit into a consistent category? At times it’s in the guise of a new opportunity while becomes a closed door in others. Why does this phrase come with a heavy price? It […]


A work trip that is hurriedly called for and packed with a tight schedule can be quite unnerving. Especially if it is with people you are meeting for first time. Any number of ice breaking attempts or pleasant conversations cannot replace the discomfort one feels in such situations. Am not a person who can easily […]

To Be…..

As I stood there with my camera, looking for a good click, I heard a mild humming sound at my feet. Looking down I saw a patch of Touch-me-nots all along the pathway – a rare sight nowadays in the city. Swirling around them were a set of bees, busy with agenda of touching every flower around. They were enough […]

The Starter !

Here I am after spending longer time than anyone would at the initial steps to set up a blog page. Took a while to even think of the name to give and title to choose etc. Makes me wonder how I will manage to make blog entries at this rate !! Well, lets see how it […]