Tiring. Being a student of creative work was that and more some days. She lay there closing her eyes, trying to fill her mind with the George Michael song playing in her room when she heard a sudden rustle of the butter papers next to her. She opened her eyes to see a soothing visual through her room window. The sky had bathed in a pale hue of the diminishing golden Sun. ‘ Oh, what a sight !’ she thought. As the strong breeze continued to torment the butter papers, she walked to the window to take in more of the visual treat and looked up to see a crowding of dark clouds. They added to charm of the evening – a melange of orange, blue, grey and more! Breeze kissed her face, soothed her mind and calmed her nerves. Inhaling cool air deeply, all agitation in her mind few moments earlier was now replaced by pleasant thoughts – thought of poetry, thought of peace, thought of how nature can make the same old neighbourhood suddenly look like a different place. How her eyes and mind were focussed on nature’s treat to her senses and put all the worldly things out of focus.

‘Moments like these are best experienced with near and dear ones’ is what they say. But then she thought, who can be near and dear to her more than her own self ! Why ask for anyone when Mother Nature is being her companion in changing loneliness into blissful solitude. How magical , how wonderfully therapeutic !


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