A work trip that is hurriedly called for and packed with a tight schedule can be quite unnerving. Especially if it is with people you are meeting for first time. Any number of ice breaking attempts or pleasant conversations cannot replace the discomfort one feels in such situations. Am not a person who can easily ignore my surroundings and get lost in my own world. I tend to participate a tad bit too much in the goings on. So sitting there in the passenger seat beside driver, I looked at changing landscape and steady oncoming traffic with trepidation. Driving through small towns having people with little or no traffic sense can have its own share of tense moments. Each time there was a vehicle or human coming dangerously close to us, my legs would tense up as though it is me who needs to hit on brakes and not the driver. With shop fronts and vehicles whizzing past, I was intently looking ahead at traffic. The discomfort of company I had and excitement of the road trip caught better of me in a while and I leaned back on headrest. It was then that the most interesting thing happened.

Leaning back shifted my line of vision from road to a few degrees upward. What I saw now was an entirely different perspective. My vision was filled with silhouettes of tree tops, various size, shape and colour. Trees were zooming past and birds were flying against the backdrop of blue sky. The relative movement of our vehicle and my fixed gaze skyward were creating a collage of rapidly changing forms. Blue sky and green foliage soothed mind and senses. I now forgot the goings on! I relaxed my shoulders, breathed out the trepidation and began enjoying the drive. Drive to our destination – a beautiful hill town.

I realised yet again that sometimes all it takes is a slight tilt in your angle of vision to change an entire perspective. It works! Make your journey of life, BEAUTIFUL. 


7 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Interesting ! Change in the vision of the perspective is so important and that makes this drive all the more thot provoking…superb pri….only geniuses like you can add meaning to something as simple as a drive….:)


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