Mountains and Valleys

Location : Cafe Shillong  | Date : 17th April 2017

Mountains and valleys, oh what a joy. 

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Quaint hill side destinations always has me thinking deep… introspecting.

The hills and mountains bring a smile on my face. Sight of them towering above me is crazily satisfying.

A look of idolising in my eyes, like I have met someone I admire !

I feel this each time I see a towering hill or mountain. I wonder why. Is it the scale of the mountain that makes me feel trivial beside it? Maybe.

It is almost like the hill is looking at me and saying – ‘O Human! Look at you, such a tiny little thing!’ – in an affectionate way.  

blog 2

The enormity of tall peaks and endlessness of plunging valleys is humbling and exhilarating at the same time.

You know you are in a wonderful place when the view outside your car window is a blanket of clouds at your eye 3

How travelling opens up mind and changes a person forever.

New place, new culture, new food, new experiences, new landscapes….takes my breath away and leaves me feeling like a tiny speck in the lap of Mother Nature.

So much more to see, so much more to do. I discover yet again that I yearn for the mountains. Oh!


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