The End

Why does this phrase evoke mixed emotions? It’s a relief in difficult situation but unwarranted in happier ones. Why does this phrase not fit into a consistent category? At times it’s in the guise of a new opportunity while becomes a closed door in others. Why does this phrase come with a heavy price? It […]


Tiring. Being a student of creative work was that and more some days. She lay there closing her eyes, trying to fill her mind with the George Michael song playing in her room when she heard a sudden rustle of the butter papers next to her. She opened her eyes to see a soothing visual through her room window. The sky […]

The Starter !

Here I am after spending longer time than anyone would at the initial steps to set up a blog page. Took a while to even think of the name to give and title to choose etc. Makes me wonder how I will manage to make blog entries at this rate !! Well, lets see how it […]